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A Meal Plan with a Difference!
Our cooks take a genuine interest in every one of our meal plan guests, always makes time to chat, share a joke, help or with Xhosa language practice.

Mamma Suli Serving her "Summer Salad Spread"Mama’s Kitchen Meal Plan is a delicious, healthy, hassle free alternative to cooking or eating out every day during your stay in Cape Town.  We provide a tasty, balanced home cooked dinner in a social and fun environment every weekday evening, as well as a healthy packed lunch which includes a housemade freshly pressed organic fruit and vegetable juice for you to enjoy while you are out in the field working up an appetite.

Our cooks are exceptionally talented and proud of the food they serve up, and delight in the knowledge that the food they share with you will not only give your taste buds reason to celebrate, but will keep your body and mind healthy as well.

Our kitchen is run by Suli, affectionately know as  “Mama” by her meal plan participants. Mama is a passionate and talented cook with a big heart, a big smile and a big sense of humour.