Our Food


Our meals are lovingly made from scratch every day, using fresh, whole and locally sourced ingredients.

We are exceptionally proud of the food we present, and love to show off our traditional South African dishes.  Our menu is unmistakably “local” in flavour and substance.

Some of our meals might remind you a bit of home, and others you are likely never to have eaten before.  Our source of inspiration invariably comes from the beautiful baskets of fresh, organic vegetables delivered to us by Harvest of Hope each week.  Grown by micro-farmers in Townships around Cape Town, we create our Weekly Menu based on our Veggie basket content, which is constantly changing according to seasonality.  This ensures that are meals are not only veggie “rich”, but are of a large variety as well.  We do not rotate through a menu, instead we create our recipes and generate ideas based on the ethically and sustainably sourced produce available to us. This keeps the creative juices in our kitchen flowing, and ensures your taste buds never get bored!