Our Suppliers



Mama’s Kitchen proudly supports local farmers in Cape Town’s Townships!

Harvest of Hope High Res Farmer

Harvest of Hope High Res Girl Farmer

We choose to purchase our weekly vegetable selection from Harvest of Hope, a project of Abalimi Bezekhaya.   Mama’s Kitchen gives back to the community by sourcing vegetables from the micro-farming organization which provides training, resources, and  reliable access to markets for local farmers.

There are other perks too! All vegetables are organically grown which is healthier for the farmers and the veggie lovers at Mama’s Kitchen.  All proceeds of vegetable sales support the farmer, Abalimi in training around food security, and is directly impacting the lives and families of small farmers in township community gardens.

We have made a commitment to work our menu around the seasonal varieties that grow well in Cape Town’s Township’s rather than sourcing vegetables with high carbon footprints. Our meal plan makes a difference with each dinner and packed lunch to go.

More information about Harvest of Hope and farmer support through Abalimi can be found here:  www.harvestofhope.co.za and here: www.abalimi.org.za